QR Codes Exploding: The Data Speaks

By | May 13, 2011

I’ve been posting about QR codes in Digital Nirvana for about a year now, and whether in comments to my posts or in industry discussion groups, I continue to be amazed how often people question whether QR codes are just a lot of hype. QR codes are just a gimmick, aren’t they? Well, the data says, “Not so!”

According to MGH’s QR Code Usage and Interest Survey:

  • 65% of people have seen a QR code.
  • Of these, 49% have scanned them.

According to Mobio’s “The Naked Facts” (based on data pulled directly from the company’s servers July – December 2010):

  • QR code scanning is up 1200%.
  • 62% of QR users have scanned codes multiple times.

This is not a fad. QR code use is part of a growing trend of consumers using their phones to interact with their environments, including print. Mobile is becoming one of the most important methods of communication in both B2B and B2C environments.

As I said in an interview with Dr. Joe, the mechanics may ultimately change, but whether it’s a QR code or some other technology, the dynamics of using mobile phones to interact with printed materials and environments is here to stay. Naysayers had better get used to the idea.

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3 thoughts on “QR Codes Exploding: The Data Speaks

  1. Neal Sceva

    Heidi – Thank you for the great article and for underscoring the importance and relevance of QR Codes. I completely agree with you that the facts do speak for themselves. QR Codes are definitely not a fad!
    Thanks again,
    Neal Sceva, Jr.
    Twitter: @NScevaJr

  2. Neal Sceva

    Heidi – Great article! QR Codes are here to stay and the current data does underscore that. They are a relavent and engaging tool that marketers need to understand how to utilize properly; they make direct mail and print interactive with this new, important mobile communications chanell. They are definately not a fad or a gimmick!
    Thank you,
    Neal Sceva
    twitter: @NScevaJr

  3. Michael Carabini

    ………….QR codes are quickly becoming a part of any integrated marketing campaign. Also known as quick response codes they are a useful way to encourage consumers to interact with a brand. They can be used to direct a magazine reader to a product s ecommerce site give additional product information or deliver a special coupon…Who is using QR codes?..According to a 2011 study conducted by marketing firm QR code awareness is high among smartphone users.

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