Take Advantage of LinkedIn Applications

By | May 4, 2011

LinkedIn has great applications that you can add to your profile that can make it very informational to your online audience.  They help mold your LinkedIn profile into an online portfolio of your past and current work, and what your business is all about.  Here are some of my favorite applications to use for my LinkedIn profile and why:

WordPress: First of all, WordPress is a great web host if you want to manage a blog and a website with little stress.  This application allows your LinkedIn connections to view your latest WordPress blog entries as soon as you publish them.  It is a live feed that syncs up with your blog.  Using this application saves me time promoting it on LinkedIn and it shares Grow Socially’s blog information instantly with all of our LinkedIn connections.

SlideShare: My team and I spend a lot of time trying to prepare great, informative slideshows for whenever we have speaking engagements.  But once the presentation is over, it would be a great waste of time and energy to have the slideshow sit on our computers without sharing it online.  This application allows you to publish it on your profile after the presentation.  So it can be used to share with people who weren’t able to make the presentation and it is helpful to attendees of the presentation because they can go back and review it again on their own time.  We also make sure it says on our presentation handouts that the attendees are able to find the presentation and view it from SlideShare.

Reading List: Some of my employees at Grow Socially and interlinkONE enjoy adding this to their profiles.  After they read a book that is related to their industry, they are able to share that with their network.  It shows their connections that they stay up to date with trends and information of their specified industry and trade.

Tweets: Just like the WordPress application, this syncs up your Twitter feed with your LinkedIn profile.  This saves time and energy for sharing information.  Rather than posting the same information to two separate social media accounts, you can update your Twitter profile which will automatically update your LinkedIn profile.

Events: This works as a public calendar for your LinkedIn profile, so your event and other business occasions can be viewed by all of your connections.  You could use this application for conferences, seminars, speaking engagements, award ceremonies and more.  Let your audience know that your business is active in educating yourself about your industry and staying on the cutting edge of the latest trends.

LinkedIn is the only major social media site that offers these great applications.  Take advantage of them today!  They are free, informative, and they will help promote your business to all of your LinkedIn connections!

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