Use Mobile to Drive Print

By | May 27, 2011

Everybody is talking about mobile marketing these days. From the perspective of the print provider, this transition is a threat to print. But does it need to be?

In order for your customers to send out mobile marketing campaigns, they need to gather mobile phone numbers. How are they going to do that? Marketers cannot buy these numbers. Consumers must provide them. They must sign up. Opt in. How are marketers — your customers — going to get them to do that? Often, it’s through print!

Think about all of the case studies you’ve read about mobile marketing. Think about the examples you see in your own life. How are marketers getting people to opt in with their mobile phone numbers? They are printing — yes, printing — offers on direct mail, posters, paper cups, tabletop tents, billboards. (“Text BESTOFFEREVER to 12345!”)

Basic text marketing is not complicated. Marketers have been doing it for years. What’s changed is the explosion of inexpensive third-party providers to make it happen. Even the smallest marketer can afford a text messaging program these days. So partner with one of the zillion text messaging providers and get your customers into mobile marketing in the most simple, basic way possible. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated to be successful.

Are you going to make a ton of money doing mobile marketing? Probably not. But in order to gather mobile numbers, your customers are going to have to print. So while selling basic mobile marketing programs might not be profitable, the print jobs necessary to gather the mobile phone numbers to drive them just might be.

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One thought on “Use Mobile to Drive Print

  1. dj

    Hi Heidi,

    This is quite interesting but I’m not exactly sure what you are suggesting. Are you recommending that printers should become some sort of reseller of text message marketing services, and sell the service to their print customers so that they can do text message marketing? So when we’re out selling out printing services we should also offer a text messaging service to help with their company’s own marketing?

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