Hey Direct Mailers! This one’s for you.

By | June 30, 2011

If you’ve been paying attention to our blog – or to the world of print around you – then by now you are very familiar with QR codes and how they are being integrated into print almost everywhere. With an increased use of smart phones and the general public’s want of information hear and now, it’s no wonder these have become high profile marketing tools. But did you know that even the United States Postal Service has taken notice of these fabulous barcodes?

Well, they have. So much so that the USPS is offering a promotion on all mail pieces containing barcodes. Between July 1st and August 31st, the USPS is offering a 3% discount to all mailers who include 2D barcodes on their mailings. According to the factsheet, all companies, including Mail Service Providers, who mail using a permit imprint and submit their mailing documentation electronically, are eligible to participate.

This seems like more evidence that there is opportunity for print to thrive in the digital age. In this case specifically, we see how the digital aspect of the QR code actually makes print items more popular and increases demand for printed items with this digital functionality. Utilizing these codes for direct mail can improve the quality of your mail piece while allowing you to better reach internet-savvy consumers. It can also add a much needed spark in the mailing industry – a fact which the USPS seems to have noticed.

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One thought on “Hey Direct Mailers! This one’s for you.

  1. Direct Mail Campaign Seattle

    This news would certainly delight the marketers as the implementation of Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) from the USPS is already a great benefit for marketers using it. It provides more tracking insight to better understand their DM campaigns, also they can integrate trigger-based marketing touches. Lastly, they’re low-cost options that marketing organizations of all sizes can afford.The discount offer would immensely increase the response rate of the mailers and more number of marketers will adopt this feature.

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