Océ Press Go! Webinars… Are They Worth It?

By | June 15, 2011

If you’ve visited this blog before, you’ve likely noticed the advertisement on the top right inviting you to “Watch an Océ Press Go! Webinar”… at least the marketing department at Océ is hoping you’ve noticed it. But what exactly are these webinars and are they worth your time? I asked myself that very question and this is what I concluded…

Let’s examine the facts.

According to www.MyPressGo.com, the Océ Press Go! Business Development Program is not only created specifically for printers, but it was also created by printers. Upon doing more research, I learned that Press Go! originated from intense focus groups comprised of various print-shop owners. One point for Press Go!

I started to poke around the site to see what it had to offer. To my delight, the site was easy to navigate and I found the schedule for upcoming webinars and links to past webinars in about eight seconds. I’m not the most patient of peoples, so being able to find these items quickly and easily is a huge plus for me. Two points for Press Go!

Finally, I watched a webinar. I watched “The Social Scene for Digital Printers,” as social media is a topic very near and dear to my heart. Paul England, a member of the Océ business development team, and Bob Boucher, of Cole Creative, a marketing a creative services agency led the webinar. It began with a brief introduction to what social media is, including an interesting myth vs. fact discussion. Bob then highlighted how other well-know digital print providers have integrated social media into their marketing plans. Thirty-eight minutes later, I concluded the webinar with some info I already knew, but even more tips and ideas that I am eager to integrate into my own social media initiatives.

Three things I liked most about these webinars are that (1) they are led by an industry expert outside of Océ – this adds a level of credibility as each consecutive webinar is hosted by a different expert. (2) Paul ends each webinar with a Q&A session, so if you get to the end and have a question, you can ask it! And finally, (3) each webinar is archived, so if you miss one, you can always catch up. I’m adding another 3 points to my tally.

At the end of my investigation into the Press Go! Webinars, I’ve concluded that with a whopping 5 points (on my arbitrary scale!) the webinars are a worthwhile source of information. So take advantage of these webinars airing on the first Tuesday of every month.

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