The Quick Response (QR) Codes Best Practices

By | June 1, 2011

So you get the QRCode – What’s next?

There are still many things that need to be addressed in a QR Code campaign.  Shortening the URL, tracking the campaign, and applying an alias to your URL are all things that will help your QR Code campaign succeed.  I have to admit, after years of touting QR Code capability in the US it is great to see its rise in use.  With that said, we now need to focus on doing it right.   Not because I said so, but because by doing it right you give your company the best opportunity for success with a QR Code campaign.  When you use QR codes properly, you have a greater chance of reaching your goals and objectives.

Let’s start with what not to do.  I won’t use any company names, but here are some common mistakes with QR code campaigns:

1.       Generating QRCodes that are not trackable – If you can’t measure it don’t do it.  That’s my marketing motto.  Make sure your QRCode generator tool has tracking and reporting capability.

2.       Generating QRCodes from long URLS:
Example: –  – This creates a dense code which is not as easy as to scan as a shortened code like – or

3.       Not personalizing QRCodes – Did you know you can take a Personalized URL and generate a personalized QRCode?  – When the QRcode is generated, that QRCode will go to the PURL and the recipient will  see their personalized page.

4.       Not optimizing the place you drive them to for the mobile experience!  The mobile experience is different, and it is no fun for the mobile user to navigate a web page that was designed to be viewed on a laptop. The user will be stuck scrolling around in their mobile browser, trying to read your website that probably has more text than an IRS document.  You get the message?

You need to think Mobile Content.  Check out for a great tool that can help you create the mobile experience.

QRCodes are a great way to reach the mobile audience for your business.  Doing it right gets you better results.  Follow me over the next year as I continue the journey of best practices and ideas using mobile media for marketing.

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