Is That Marketing Campaign Floppable?

By | August 12, 2011

When I needed to purchase a new living room set, I had two requirements. It had to look awesome and it had to be floppable. By “floppable,” I meant that the moment you set eyes on it, you wanted to throw yourself down and nestle in, and once you did, it was — in fact — as comfortable as it looked.

In other words, I didn’t just want something that looked good. It had to be truly functional. Nobody wants to sit on an uncomfortable couch. Since purchasing that set, you know how many times people compliment its appearance? Almost never. You know how often they comment on how incredibly comfortable it is? All the time.

In the world of marketing, we could benefit from being more floppable. Yes, technology is important. Yes, the software has to be fully featured. Yes, everything needs to integrate into the workflow. But what really matters is the marketing strategy behind it.

You know how many emails I receive asking which software, which press, or whatever I think is the best? Or how many times I hear this question or some variation of it posed on a discussion board? By default. You know how many times I hear people ask what incentives work best? How to adjust messaging to appeal to various industry verticals? The best ways to segment out a customer list for various types of campaigns? I’ll leave you to guess.

In an industry racing to be seen as “marketing services providers,” this balance ought to be reversed. Technology is important, but it’s only a tool for delivering a message.

From a production standpoint, selecting the right technology is critical for profitability, but we’re talking about marketing. Designers, marketing firms, ad agencies, and others involved in marketing and advertising don’t charge on a cost+ basis. They charge for their creativity and the service they offer. We’re talking about being marketing services providers, right?

So next time you develop a marketing campaign for one of your clients, make sure it’s floppable. Then charge accordingly.

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