Top Vertical Markets & Apps for QR Codes

By | August 26, 2011

As QR codes go mainstream, we’re starting to see more and more data on their adoption and use. I love data. So that’s a good thing for me.

The most recent set I’ve seen come from ScanLife, which offers its own platform for 2D barcodes. According to its Q2 2011 Trend Report, 2D barcode generation is up 300% from one year ago, and scans of its codes are up from an average of 10 scans per minute to 60 scans per minute.

What are the top verticals? Retail, wireless, magazine editorial, entertainment, and consumer packaged goods — in that order.

In terms of product categories where these codes are most used . . .

  • Food and drink — 35%
  • Health & beauty — 18%
  • Books — 13%
  • DVDs — 12%
  • Electronics — 10%
  • Toys — 5%
  • Games — 4%
  • Office products — 3%

According to the ScanLife data, more than 400,000 unique UPC codes, or products, were scanned in a single month. The number of scans per user (3.2) shows the diversity of products being scanned.

What are people looking for?

  • Online prices — 61%
  • Get coupons — 17%
  • Get local prices — 4%
  • Product details — 16%
  • Product reviews — 3%

These data clearly show that QR codes are being incorporated into the regular lifestyle of mobile users. Particularly if you have clients in the categories mentioned here, you’d better be paying attention.


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One thought on “Top Vertical Markets & Apps for QR Codes

  1. Slava Apel

    Surprised that Product reviews are only 3%. Didn’t Google send out a huge volume of pre-printed QR code stickers for storefront owners to put up? This should have triggered the reviews to be much higher. I still see the Google Places / reviews QR codes in retail locations everywhere I go.

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