Got Consumer Goods Clients? Global Packaging Protocols Can Help

By | September 16, 2011

If you are involved in any way with producing packaging (whether production runs, test runs, or comps) for consumer goods companies, you know how important issues related to sustainability in packaging can be. Metrics are hard to come by, especially as they relate to comparing packaging types and media.

With the release of the Global Protocol on Packaging Sustainability 2.0, things just got a little more quantifiable.

The protocols are designed to look at issues of sustainability across a variety of business indicators at four levels:

Level 1. Simple analysis using a single indicator to track a change, such as packaging weight, and cube utilization.

Level 2. Optimization analysis for a given to the full functional package. For example, using a weight reduction indicator together with a cube utilization indicator to ensure that changes in one don’t offset the other.

Level 3. Comparative analysis of one or more packaging formats/material across multiple formats for same functional unit, such as comparing drink packs from glass, plastics, metal or beverage carton to see trade-offs with each material choice.

Level 4. Full system design and analysis comparing packaging formats/materials with information on the product.

The protocols also divide the indicators and metrics into three categories — environmental, economic and social — that can be used to address different business questions of important to your consumer packaging company clients. These include:

  • where in the packaging design process the assessments are being applied
  • how the results are being used
  • where in the supply chain they are being applied

If you are serving consumer products companies in any capacity, whether producing full production packaging, doing test packaging, or comps, this is a resource that could serve you extremely well. Issues of sustainability are critical in this marketplace, and having a working knowledge of the most current protocols puts you in an excellent position as a valued supplier.

Click here to download the protocols.

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