It’s Still About Printing — Really

By | September 9, 2011

As we sit on the cusp of Graph Expo 2011, if you haven’t browsed the sessions & events calendar, it’s worth your time to do so. As I did, what struck me is how well rounded the schedule is. While many industry events seem overly weighted toward mobile, social, and transitioning to marketing service provider models, the Graph Expo schedule is pleasingly distributed.

Throughout the program, we have MSPs, M&As, and Lean, complemented with both digital and offset, including color matching between the two.  Sales, productivity, QR codes, printed electronics, and “real life case studies revealed.” Sustainability in printing, networking, hybrid printing (digital and offset), inkjet, UV curing, cross-media, and how to get more postal discounts through better design.

It was as if someone sat down and looked at each day of sessions, ensuring that it was balanced with sales, marketing, technology, sustainability, digital, and offset. This is a really well-planned schedule.

I’m not on here humping it for Graph Expo. My point is simply that, as we have become focused on the future of this industry, it’s easy to forget that it’s still really about printing. Social networks, mobile marketing, cross-media, and marketing services are important, but they are still only part of the larger overall mix. Most companies in this industry still make their money on printing. Sometimes, in the excitement of what’s new and fun to talk about, we forget that. The organizers of the Graph Expo 2011 sessions schedules apparently did not.

Kudos to them.


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One thought on “It’s Still About Printing — Really

  1. Lisa Query

    That’s been my take for some time now. After studying all the newest, latest and greatest tecnologies and ideas, I’ve come to one conclusion. Do what we do best, first and foremost, and for us, that’s printing. Thanks for the affirmation!

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