RT Associates: Differentiation with a Cross-Media Focus

By | September 20, 2011

Established in 1982 as a typesetting firm, RT Associates, Inc. has evolved into a marketing logistics provider in step with the ever-changing marketing needs of its customers. With RT Associates, the entire campaign management process is handled under one roof. The firm helps clients execute all aspects of their marketing campaigns, whether they are print, web, or mobile. RT serves as a strategic partner to its customers, opening unique channels of communication and elevating messaging to a new level of impact. Consistent messaging across multiple channels increases the likelihood of a positive response. RT’s one-stop execution makes integrated marketing fast, easy, and effective.

RT was an early innovator with digital print. In 1995, RT Associates invested in its first Agfa Chromapress (serial number 13). While some early investors of digital color struggled with market development, RT Associates was profitable within 6 months of the installation. A year later, the company purchased a second unit.

Since then RT expanded its digital printing capabilities by moving to HP Indigo technology, and adding offset capabilities as well as some large format capabilities. Most recently, RT Associates invested in a Canon imagePRESS® series 7010. Bob Radzis, owner of RT Associates, explains, “We have a number of clients where we provide web-to-print services for their distribution networks. This means small order quantities over the web. The unique ‘saddle press’ inline booklet-making technology on the Canon imagePRESS 7010 series streamlines our operations.”

Differentiation Through an Integrated Campaign Approach
As an early adopter of digital print, RT Associates is also a market leader in cross-media services. Radzis attributes his company’s success to its Integrated Campaign Management service offering. He notes, “RT’s Integrated Campaign Approach (ICA) uses our tools, technologies, and experiences to help companies develop marketing campaigns that will perform at their best in all critical areas. While the market has heard about a number of B2C cross-media campaigns, the majority of our customers are B2B. Our ICA approach is focused on helping clients understand how to build and cultivate their B2B clientele.”

The ICA process starts with insightful customer analysis of data and enables the client to develop accurately targeted message strategies, choose the right channels of delivery, and implement successful trigger-based campaigns. The ResponseTrack online toolbox allows B2B marketers to collect valuable, real-time data about prospects to see who is responding and when.

Radzis states, “We quickly learned that in the B2B space, analyzing data to drive the initial campaign and then leveraging our findings to drive follow-on interactions is critical. We partner with a data analytics firm and bring that firm into the process. Data analytics has become a key differentiator for RT Associates. The objective is to help the B2B customer identify the most likely prospects, develop a cross-channel strategy, and ensure that they are being reached via their preferred channel of communication. The end result for our clients is more customers and enhanced loyalty among existing customers.”

Cross-Media Success
According to Radzis, “I believe that our key to success is directly linked to our data-driven focus. We have learned how to leverage the customer’s information, continuously optimize it, and provide iterative improvement. This is the deployment of a test-and-learn, test-and-learn, test-and-learn philosophy. Today’s companies are wallowing in data, but to be successful, service providers need to learn how to combine data with digital color technology to drive action.”

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