“Speculating on Print’s Longer Term Future”

By | October 17, 2011

I came across this great article last week in the PINE newsletter written by Dr. Ronnie H. Davis, Vice President and Chief Economist. The article offers speculation on the future of print and print markets – something we all wish we could look into a crystal ball to see.

We tend to talk a lot about marketing service providers and how they are critical to the future of print. But this article presents an idea discussed less, especially on this blog. The article states that print logistics – things like packaging, labels, wrappers, and product user manuals – is the only industry segment not susceptible to competition from digital media. Though still a relatively smaller part of total industry sales, a series of graphs illustrates how print logistics sales have increased the most over the past 10 years and the number of print establishments who specialize in logistics has decreased the least when compared to other print segments.

Perhaps this is one untapped area of opportunity for the printing industry. Could your operation capture some of the print logistics market?

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One thought on ““Speculating on Print’s Longer Term Future”

  1. Commercial Printing

    Nice Post, most of the topics discussed are not so common as most of the blogs of such category. ‘Print logistics’ has lots of scope to boom in the upcoming years. As per the stats say print logistics sales have increased the most over the past 10 years, still there market is untapped so marketers should focus on this sector and take the advantage of the scenario.

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