Ripon Printers Gets Advertising Right

By | October 28, 2011

There is a copy of Multi-Channel Merchant in my bathroom. (Scary, I know.) On the back is an ad for Ripon Printers that continues to impress me. There are so many lessons here that I wanted to share it.

The top half of the ad has a man sitting on a large numeral 6. The text beneath reads, Reduction in Steps You’ll Experience by Converting to Online Ordering of Catalogs and Marketing Materials.

Beneath is the main text, which lists the benefits of online ordering for this target audience. Among them: minimizing or eliminating inventory, providing personalization options, and improving the fulfillment accuracy of print and promotion orders. The ad then invites readers to request the company’s Digital Storefront Tip Book by either logging into its website  or scanning the QR code at the bottom right of the ad.

I just love this ad. First, I love where it’s placed — Multi-Channel Merchant. I love seeing printers alongside database, postal, and fulfillment companies.

I also love the targeted copy focusing on the specific needs and pain points of the multi-channel marketer. Ripon doesn’t focus on cost savings. It talks elimination of inventory, personalization, and improved fulfillment accuracy. It speaks the language of its audience.

The magazine contained ads for other printers, too. One was a generic ad promoting the company’s quality and service. The other was marketing a specific type of mini-catalog. Both competitive ads were product- and company-focused. Ripon’s was customer-focused. It clearly understands the pain points of its audience, and in the ad, directly and concisely addressed them.

Then there is the QR code.  Of course I scanned it and ordered a copy of the booklet. The code took me directly to an easy-to-fill-out, mobile-friendly form.  It then resolved to a thank-you page with links to key Ripon services.

In all, this was a well-done advertisement both from a marketing standpoint and from a QR code standpoint. For those marketing Web-to-print / e-commerce solutions, it was also a great example of efforts done well. I think there are a lot of lessons and kudos to be had here.

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One thought on “Ripon Printers Gets Advertising Right

  1. Carol Cluppert

    Heidi – thank you so much for the words of encouragement. It’s helpful having a management team that is supportive of marketing and the customer-centric approach the campaigns have taken. I follow your writings about the digital field and appreciate your recognition of Ripon Printers’ marketing efforts.

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