Real-Time Accountability… (Part 2)

By | November 17, 2011

 A New World for Real-Time Metrics

In today’s market, the tools are available to measure, manage, and monitor campaigns in real time. Technology from a number of sources, ranging from Pageflex to MindFireInc., enables marketers to see how people are interacting with campaigns in real-time and allows them to make immediate changes. The service provider can equip marketing professionals with a visual presentation of campaign results with real-time granular detail. The presence of immediate analytics and reports puts service providers and marketing executives in full control. With real-time data, the appropriate adjustments can be made to creative elements, offers, or calls-to-action. The marketing executive can then use the data insight to formulate follow-up campaigns. This leads to higher consumer engagement, more successful campaigns, and improvement in overall ROI.

Service Providers Are Stepping Up to the Plate

Document service providers must position themselves as business partners that can help the marketing department deal with the real-time accountability challenge. Today’s service providers are stepping up to the plate to ensure effective real-time campaign execution. In July 2011, InfoTrends completed a study entitled

Service providers of all types are beginning to take advantage of technological advancements so they can provide marketers with instant gratification on campaign effectiveness. The real-time marketing industry continues to evolve in response to a recent wave of new software technologies and the increasing accessibility of technology, data, analytics, and advanced marketing techniques. The rapid evolution of technology is paving the way for innovative print service providers and data service bureaus to help marketers understand campaign effectiveness and make the appropriate adjustments. Today’s service providers can help marketing executives meet the need for accountability… in real-time!

Visit to download the InfoTrends White Paper Cross-Media Takes Hold: Learning From the Leaders.

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4 thoughts on “Real-Time Accountability… (Part 2)

  1. Susan BizziBiz

    Having real time metrics is important to changes can be made right away if needed. Not having up to date stats could be costly.

  2. Nicole Schappert Post author

    Good point – It also helps to have recent metrics when planning future projects or programs.

  3. Nicole Schappert Post author

    Thanks for sharing, Kit. I’ve heard uplift modeling mentioned, but never fully understood it. This whitepaper is a great souce of information! This may even be a topic for another blog post in the near future…

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