Three Ways That A Printer Could Benefit by Using SMS/TEXT

By | November 2, 2011

If you have been to any marketing-related conferences over the past year, I’m sure you’d agree that mobile has been a very popular topic.

Companies of all sizes are looking for information on QR Codesmobile websites, mobile apps, and more. In addition to those items, there inevitably is a speaker at these conferences that will say this: “Don’t ignore SMS/Text! More people use that than they do the mobile web”.

It certainly can be motivating to hear those quotes and to read articles like this one. But how can you actually implement SMS/Text into your business?

Here are three ideas on how a printer could incorporate SMS/Text into their marketing, sales, and customer support activities.

Notification When A Job is Ready

Most of the printers that I work with send notification via email when a job is ready. In addition to that email, it may be worth considering sending a text-message to the customer at that time as well.

Of course, this may not make sense for all jobs. But here are a few scenarios where SMS may prove to be helpful:

  • When the job was flagged as Rush/Urgent
  • When the job will be picked up by a customer
  • When the job will be delivered by the printer & sign-off is required

Yes, email or a phone call could certainly be used in those situations too. But as more and more people turn to SMS to communicate about all sorts of activities, this may be a way for a printer to also share information with their customer in a channel that they may prefer using.

To Share Information About Specials

Certainly, a business does not want every marketing initiative to be related to pricing specials and discounts. However, those can still be used from time-to-time to create buzz, garner attention, and increase sales.

Many printers are using email and social media to promote their specials. Another way to do that would be through SMS/Text. Since most pricing deals only have a short-window of time, SMS/Text can prove to be an effective way to get your customer’s attention very quickly.

Of course, the message we send out should do more than just provide details of the discount… Make sure that you include a way for them to redeem it!

To Gain Feedback After A Job/Project is Complete

We all want to generate repeat business. To do this, we often have to reach out to customers after a job has been done, seek to get their feedback, and then offer/recommend other activities that we could help them with.

One challenge in accomplishing that is finding the time — both for us (in this case, the printer) and the customer. Using SMS to initiate that conversation could prove to be an effective option for us.

For one, the text message most likely will get noticed by the customer. Also, it may provide the customer with a very quick way to provide feedback. (Many post-job follow-ups that I have seen come in the form of an email that often link to a survey that ask 10 questions!)


These are just a few ideas on how SMS/Text could be used to help improve marketing, sales, and customer support initiatives.

Have you found anything else that works? If so, please let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Vinson

    I think sms text is also good if it will be integrated on websites for security purposes, like when someone would like to hack your account or someone had withdraw funds from your account like that. What do you think?


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