6 Social Media Threats You Need to Know About

By | January 5, 2012

I recently read an article from Visible Technologies about six social media threats to be aware of when implementing a social media strategy. It struck me as interesting because social media is so buzz worthy now – it seems to be integral to any marketing plan as more businesses adopt a social media strategy. Social media is great for building brand awareness and interacting directly with customers. However, I’ve rarely thought about the dangers of social media and I found this article to be an appropriate reminder of things too avoid. Below are the six risks from the article:

  1.  Lack of social media policy – Every company should have some guidelines in place to outline how employees can and should us social media. Failure to do so could result in poor brand representation or even legal repercussions.
  2. Internet security – Employees must always be aware of potential hackers hoping to obtain corporate information, especially when downloading software.
  3. Network security – Similar to above, social media users should have up-to-date antivirus protection to prevent unnecessary headaches.
  4. Mobile phone apps – These apps can make using social media easier and more convenient. Stick to trustworthy apps or brands as some apps contain malware that could reveal private information or destroy data… scary!
  5. Lack of presence to address a crisis – Social media creates a world for people to talk about your brand whether you are promoting that discussion or not. A company needs to be ready to address issues quickly and effectively before a (potential) crisis escalates.
  6. Employees – Employees can be your best brand promoters on social media sites. However, they can also represent a risk if they do not fully think through posts and/or if they are not well versed in the company social media policy. Be sure that your employees are educated on this policy and remind them to always post with the well-being of the brand in mind.

While I love social media and think it can be a powerful brand tool, it’s nice to be reminded of the associated risks. It reaffirms the fact that social media needs to follow a developed strategy just like any other marketing tactic a company might implement. You can read the full article here. There is even a link at the bottom for more specific tips on how to minimize each risk. Happy social networking!

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