Have you planned your sustainability projects for the year yet?

By | January 30, 2012
You may think with the economy still in “recovery” you don’t have either the time or resources to pour into sustainability projects this year. Well, I’m here to convince you otherwise. Yes, “green has become commonplace. It’s expected to a degree, by your customers, your employees and other stakeholders who have an interest in how you do business.
So how do you prioritize? Is your mindset focused on the most important of all green attributes, that of economic sustainability?  Well here are a few simple, fast and proven ROI ideas that if you haven’t yet implemented them yet shouldn’t be put off any longer.
Facility-wide energy-efficient lighting is not just for offices anymore. Consider skylights, LED floods, fast-start ballasts and dynamic motion sensors for your production and warehousing facilities. (There’s something pretty cool about watching warehouse lamps flash on and off as employees make their way through the lanes, tracing their paths of travel).
Natural gas-enabled fleets. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a minivan, a bobtail or a semi, LNG and CNG technology (and conversion) has greatly matured in just the past few years. Infrastructure is the name of the game, and publicly accessible fueling stations are multiplying exponentially. Consider that in some markets, natural gas is half the cost of petroleum!
The Cloud migration. It’s not just for apps. Consider moving your entire infrastructure away from your facilities’ area of responsibility. The savings in technology upgrades (both hardware AND software), processing power, storage capacity, energy use, space, maintenance, knowledge and expertise are all deferred to a “higher power”. Yes, you pay for it, but the savings are proven and quantifiable.
All of the technologies mentioned here are not speculation, bleeding edge or experimental. They are real and in use by printing facilities of all sizes. The dependency is on infrastructure and support, but where feasible, the ROI is impressive. Now go get Green!

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