Proof That Personalization Works

By | March 9, 2012

I recently ran across a company that produces personalized newsletters for healthcare providers. The solution, called PENS, marries patient data from hospitals and other care providers with targeted content. Based on the services and treatment in the patient’s health history, the healthcare provider can send out targeted newsletters that are relevant to each individual recipient’s health history.  Pretty neat!

The results are impressive.

For example, in a reader survey conducted for ProHealth Care, a two-hospital system in Waukesha, WI, 73% of recipients said they read the newsletters cover to cover and 95% became aware of services that they didn’t realize the healthcare provider had.

It’s no wonder that, at Aspirus (Wausau, WI), among current patients, newsletter recipients were 500% more likely to continue to use the healthcare systems’ services than those who did not receive the newsletter. Among prospects, PENS newsletter recipients were 300% more likely to ultimately use the healthcare provider’s services than those who were not.

Those are some powerful numbers!

Because the PENS solution automatically tracks the relationship between which articles the recipient receives and utilization of services, PENS customer can calculate detailed ROI.

At Prohealth Care, articles on incontinence received only 50:1 ROI. But those on cardiac screening received 226:1 and 444:1 ROI, respectively, depending on the year.

Not every marketer can create newsletters to this level of detail, of course, but the point is that relevance really works. There is another point, too. You’ll only know that if you track it!

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