5 Points on Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

By | April 24, 2012

The whole point of inbound marketing is lead generation. You are taking website visitors and hoping that they lead to eventual sales. But you can’t take gigantic steps to get there. You need to take one step at a time in order to lay the proper groundwork.

Here are a few points when it comes to inbound marketing and lead generation:

  • You need to create terrific offers. You have to offer something that your visitors want. It’s like dating. What do you have to offer your date? Do you have a tip sheet? A white paper? Some worksheets?
  • The value of your offer should be more than the cost to the internet visitor. Now you’re thinking, “Wait. He just said to give free offers. So how is it costing the website visitor anything?” The point here is that your offer should be something of value. And the website visitor should not be thinking about the “cost” of providing a name and email address.
  • It’s easy to get in the rut of providing information. But you cannot forget your calls to action. You can’t assume your website visitor will click on a certain link or indiscriminately cough up that email address. You have to make a call to action. Tell your visitors what to do. And tell them what they will get when they do it. Never let them guess and never let them wonder.
  • Make it simple. Do not make your visitors jump through hoops of fire to get information from you. That’s a huge turn off. If you ask for their name and email address, then leave it at that. If you mention a short survey, keep it short. Don’t sneak in a twenty question and answer session.
  • Don’t give them a quick out. While you’re creating that form for your visitors to become leads, don’t build in back buttons or clear and cancel buttons. Your form should be above the “fold” so that the visitor does not need to scroll down to enter anything. And there shouldn’t be buttons that cancel out the lead form – either on accident or on purpose.

Not all leads are created equal. Remember, long term generation is the goal. You are not in this for a quick and easy turnaround. Inbound marketing typically results in a slower, but more organic way of filling the sales funnel. You are providing information and being the resource that your leads need in order to convert into customers.

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