QR Codes: The All-Purpose Solution (Alternately: Sometimes It’s Just Funny)

By | May 1, 2012

I was just reading a discussion on LinkedIn about SnapTags versus QR Codes and which format was better and why. As many of us do, one of the participants took the first available opportunity to throw in a little bit of self-promotion. There was a brief comment — just enough to lay claim to actually participating in the discussion — followed by, “I have a few ideas to take your QR campaigns to the next level.”

The response by the next thread participant was classic.

I totally agree with whatever is being said here about QR Codes so I don’t have to answer your question!

I also have amazing ideas for your campaigns even though I don’t know what they are yet!!

Better yet, I’ll let you into the QR Code secrets that NO ONE ELSE KNOWS and are GUARANTEED to make you money!!!*

Contact me at marketing.spam@yetanotherurlwithQRinit.com.

* Promise of results does not guarantee results. Full price of £1,999.99 payable up front.

I just busted out laughing, and I’m sure everyone else did, too. But it does raise a good question.

Are we doing the same thing without realizing it? Offering QR Codes as an all-purpose solution to clients’ desire to get into mobile marketing? Or are we really looking at the client’s marketing goals as a whole, then offering QR Codes as appropriate . . . and leaving them on the table if they aren’t (and being humble enough to acknowledge the difference)?

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One thought on “QR Codes: The All-Purpose Solution (Alternately: Sometimes It’s Just Funny)

  1. Ken McCormick

    Good point. 2D codes are just another marketing vehicle aimed at mobile audiences. Marketers who plan and execute their use with good campaigns and optimized content will see positive results. Indexing codes to a home page or non-engaging landing page for the sake of “hey look, that’s cool” is a waste of the prospects time.

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