Transitioning From Print Service Provider to Marketing Services Provider

By | May 29, 2012

The transition from print services provider to cross-media marketing services provider is in full swing. Firms of all sizes are expanding the media types that they offer and backing them with marketing services, including creative, campaign strategy and management, and data analytics. The idea is to have a variety of marketing communication tools on hand that can be custom blended into the perfect media mix based on the individual client’s needs to generate results. A core component of that mix is print.

A Market in Transition

Fierce competition in the traditional printing market is fueling the cross-media transition. Offering cross-media marketing services enables print service providers to enhance the value of services and create longer-term relationships with clients who are less likely to move their business based on a cost difference of a few pennies per printed page. These services also open new and recurring revenue streams as contented customers come back for more.

Marketing executives are actively searching for solutions that improve their return on investment, deliver quantifiable results, and capture useful information on customers and prospects. InfoTrends’ research indicates that to accomplish these goals, marketers are reaching out across multiple channels to engage customers. Marketers surveyed for InfoTrends’ October 2010 multi-client entitled The Cross-Media Direct Marketing Opportunity reported using an average of three media types per marketing campaign.

The use of multiple media types in a single campaign reflects marketers’ increased understanding that direct marketing is more effective when a campaign combines the use of print, mobile, Web, social media, and other mediums in an integrated and targeted fashion.

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