Using YouTube To Attract Attention to Your Printing Business

By | May 22, 2012

Earlier this week, there was an announcement on the YouTube blog about a big achievement.

People now upload 72+ hours of video every minute to YouTube!

To commemorate that announcement and its seventh birthday, they also put together a video that highlights its remarkable growth. If you have a moment, I think you’d enjoy it:

Of course, I’m only sharing that news because I think it can help you grow your business. How so?

Well, here are three ways that you could use YouTube to attract attention to your printing business today:

Demonstrate the Services That You Can Offer

In order to catch the attention of and leave an impression on marketers, printers certainly need to do more just list the equipment that they have and the services that they provide. In today’s world, many marketers need to be able to visualize specific solutions that the printer’s hardware and services can bring to them.

Video can be a great way to bring a printer’s solutions to life.

I recently saw an example of this from the folks at Mojave Copy and Printing in California.

In order to sell their service of providing very well-designed Window Signs that can be made interactive with QR Codes, they posted a video of an installation.

By posting this video, they’ve not only made it possible to demonstrate their services online, but they’re also giving their consumer a tool to demo why they’d want to invest money in an interactive window sign for their company. For example, the marketer could easily show that video to his or her’s management team in order to justify the expense and potential benefits.

Humanize Your Brand with Videos Featuring Employees

Video can be very beneficial in the fact that it helps to put a face to your company’s name. It also can demonstrate your personality.

In year’s past, this may not have always been necessary. Perhaps a lot of your printing business came through face-to-face interactions. Today, that percentage has certainly changed a bit. If someone is ordering print from you through your online storefront, they may never actually get to know the human-side to your business. In order to generate loyalty and repeat business, it’s important to find ways to reach those folks.

The folks behind Rescigno’s Marketing Connections do a great job of this. Now, I have had the privilege of working with them in the past in the vendor/customer relationship. But trust me on this, they are rock stars! I’d say that even if we had never worked together.

In this video, they featured the two owners of the business, Ron and Sue.

In just over 3 minutes, they accomplished a number of great things. They provided helpful tips to their customers & prospects about direct mail, they exposed one of the services that they can offer (variable data printing), and they also helped to demonstrate their great personalities and spirit to their target audience.

Provide Thought-Leadership on Relevant Topics

Video can also be a great way to educate your customers and prospects, and to position yourself as a thought leader.

In fact, it can help your company to get found! Since Google owns YouTube, you certainly shouldn’t be surprised when you see videos from that channel appear on Page 1 of many Google searches.

One subject that is certainly very hot in the marketing world is QR Codes.

To capitalize on that, Jasper Casey of Casey Connect has launched a video series called “QR Codes Studs and Duds”.

Throughout the videos, he provides examples and best practices for marketers that want to make their printed materials interactive and reach the mobile audience.

When marketers have questions about have to do that effectively, these videos should certainly help to increase the chances that people will turn to Jasper and Casey Connect for answers.

Moving Forward

I hope that you find these tips helpful!

Have you used YouTube in a different way to promote your print business? If so, I’d love to know! Please feel free to share it with me in the Comments section.

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