Top 5 Reasons to Personalize in Print Over Email

By | June 22, 2012

I’ve been having a lot of fun with personalization in print vs. online lately, so why not keep it rolling? Here are my Top 5 Reasons to Choose Personalized Print Over Email.

Reason # 5. People like to go to the mailbox. 

People like to check email, too, but there is a different thrill when you open your home mailbox and see a brightly colored postcard than when you open your inbox and see 543 new emails with subject lines in the same font, size, and color.

Reason # 4. People change email addresses a lot more frequently than home addresses.

‘Nuff said.

Reason # 3. Print is more likely to get personalization right.

Online marketing cheap, and most companies don’t take time to really personalize the content at all.  If your fingers slip and you accidentally search for “Springsteen Lyrics” instead of “Spring Lawn Care,” you’ll be inundated with offers for Bruce’s greatest hits for . . . well . . . until you change your email address.

Reason # 2. Print supports the forest products industry rather than the electricity-hogging, mountaintop-removing e-media industry.

Pretend you don’t notice that I’m saying this in an online media channel.

Reason # 1. You can’t pin a computer to the wall.

Personalized postcards and direct mail often end up pinned to someone’s wall or taped to the refrigerator. When you personalize in print, the message can stay in front of prospects for weeks. Months. I’ve even heard of people trying to redeem personalized coupons after a year.

So next time a client asks you why they should print their marketing message rather than sending an email, the answer is nine words long: “Because you can’t pin a computer to a wall.”

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Personalize in Print Over Email

  1. jacob aizikowitz

    In our view, and yes it does represent the XMPie view, the concept of personalization in multichannel with print being part of the multichannel media-mix is where advertisers and communicators are heading. For the reasons in Heidi’s short article, multichannel with print is much more effective than pure digital multichannel. For reasons around cultural changes, technology changes, and generation changes, print alone is less likely to be effective.

    We tell our customers or prospects and the industry overall that instead of aspiring to become Marketing Service Providers, they should take their expertise (and the right technology, of course) and become top-notch service providers for 1:1 Multichannel Communications. They can still claim that they moved from PSP to MSP; just that the “M” stands for Multichannel (and yes, its multichannel with print that will make the difference).

  2. Harvey

    Heidi, you forgot the most important reason…when print is done correctly – when it’s dynamic and interactive, when it has data placed that makes sense to the receiver, when it gets the message to the frontal cortex in nanoseconds and elicits a positive emotional response, then it can be the most powerful, cost effective media for generating new business than anything else available.

  3. Ingrid Coke

    Great article Heidi.

    Jacob, Thank you for that well rounded, simple and balanced perspective, on 1:1 Multichannel Communications. This is key if service providers want to stand out on the cutting edge and thrive as solutions-focused providers rather than settling as commodity-based suppliers.

    Harvey, Absolutely!!! There those like myself who much prefer to have a tactile experience as the channel of engagement.

    However, what is crystal clear from all perspectives, is that with careful, strategic planning and execution, it’s a “Win! Win! Win!” for all.

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