Survey Shows Rise in Trigger-Based Marketing

By | June 19, 2012

An interesting survey was just released by Forrester Research and Silverpop. According to a survey of 155 marketing professionals, 59% plan to increase their use of marketing automation over the next 12 months. One of the most popular uses for this automation is trigger-based marketing.

Among the data used to construct triggers: transaction history (55%), order and response history (51%), behavioral data (48%), demographic data (48%), survey data (38%), social media activity or comments (26%), and account activity and balance (25%).

Silverpop Image

This is interesting because trigger-based marketing is a terrific application for digital production. It is short-run, often personalized, and provides a recurring revenue stream for the printer. Two days before invoices are due, reminders go out — automatically. A month before the auto lease is up, a sweet, personalized deal on a new lease hits the mailbox — automatically.

While printers may think about all the challenges associated with investing in the necessary technology, the long cycles associated with program selling, and wonder where and how they’ll develop the database expertise to handle them, just remember that the interest in trigger-based marketing is coming from marketers. It’s something many of your customers are already thinking about.

The ground is tilled. Maybe it’s time to plant the seeds.


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