Pressure for Print and Mobile Campaigns Heats Up

By | July 10, 2012

I just read some unnerving statistics today.  More than half of smartphone or tablet users (51.1%) say they check email only on their mobile phones. Nearly half (45.3%) perform Internet searches that way. More than one-quarter (25.4%) do all — yes, all — of their online shopping from mobile devices.

This and similar data from Prosper Mobile Insights hits us on two levels.

First is our own marketing initiatives. In this industry, if you’re in business, you have a smartphone. If more than half of smartphone users only check email on their mobile phones, this means any emails you are using for self-promotion are being read on your customers’ or prospects’ mobile phone screen half the time. Better shorten those subject lines!

More unnerving are the mobile search and online shopping stats. What happens if people hit your traditional website with a mobile phone? Will it automatically direct them to a mobile version?  Or will they have to hunt and peck at 2.5″ diameter to find what they need? If they do need to hunt and peck, will they bail out of frustration before finding what they need?

Prospect Mobile-Only Web-Based Activities

You might think that some of these stats, such as the percentage of people who access Facebook (42.3%) exclusively on mobile devices, don’t relate to you. After all, that’s managed by the Facebook app, right? Yes, in this case it does. But do you really know how heavy mobile or mobile-only use impacts all of the different areas of your marketing? If you don’t, you need to figure it out. Plus it affects you because of impact number two — the marketing campaigns you create for your customers.

The more users are mobile-only, the more pressure there is for you to be savvy enough to incorporate mobile marketing into your toolbox. There was a time when mobile marketing was niche enough for the deeper diving to be on your “to do” list for, well, maybe next year. But mobile usage — now including mobile-only usage — is hitting such critical mass that this schedule needs to be accelerated.

It’s not news that I want to hear, either. I’ve got enough on my plate without having to accelerate my own adoption curve for marketing via mobile and social media. But the stats don’t seem to want to wait for me to catch up.

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2 thoughts on “Pressure for Print and Mobile Campaigns Heats Up

  1. Joe Manos

    Heidi – great post!!!

    I couldn’t agree with you more and the leaders in our customer base are way out in front in the area of mobile marketing and they are locking up their customers on number of levels.

    First new revenue streams using Cross Channel Marketing, second – long term campaigns that are going into the second and third year using integrated solutions for marketing automation including excellent mobile apps.

    You couldn’t have said it any better – the need to accelerate our capabilities in this area is here right now.

  2. Jason Pinto

    Hi Heidi,
    This is an excellent post. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do to educate the print industry on emerging and game-changing technologies. The statistics in this article certainly help to emphasize how big of an impact mobile is having on the marketing world!

    I blogged about another statistic recently on the iFlyMobi site that said “Almost three-quarters of businesses expect their mobile marketing budget to increase in the next 12 months.”

    To me, I think that means there’s a huge opportunity for service providers to grow their business by helping their customers get ready for the growing mobile audience too.

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