B&W Press: Driving Web Traffic With Print

By | August 31, 2012

B&W Press has apparently been paying attention to the data that says print doesn’t have to cower in the shadow of online media. In fact, the printer is taking a proactive position that, in order to drive traffic to their websites, marketers need print.

I saw the ad when I opened this months’ issue of Target Marketing magazine. Right there on the inside cover was a full-page ad that said, “Remind customers to visit your website. The Mini ‘Slim” Catalog will drive website response.”

I love it!

The ad shows pictures of one of these products being used to promote a client’s online presence. At the bottom, it has a QR Code that takes readers directly to the company’s product page online. From the landing page (unfortunately, not mobile optimized), readers can view a YouTube video of a sales associate showing and describing the catalog, download a catalog template, or request additional product information.

I also liked the bulleted “G7 Master Printer” in green just above its GURL.

I would liked to have seen something in the video that talked about how catalogs drive website traffic as promised in the headline. Instead, it talked about the BRE included in the product catalog for immediate ordering. So the promise and the video didn’t match up there.

But I do commend B&W for taking on the conventional wisdom that online steals from print head one and by promoting print as a way to build online traffic. There is a lot of data out there showing print as a key component of multi-channel marketing campaigns and campaigns with print consistently showing higher ROI. Next time, B&W, maybe include some of that in the ad and the video, too!

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One thought on “B&W Press: Driving Web Traffic With Print

  1. Matthew Scott

    This is another example of a company that has developed a marketable “printed product” service. B&W sells custom, on-request inline web converted print products. Nicely defined products and services are memorable, highly valuable within a specific use, and therefore enjoy a high marketing profile. Bravo for a good effort.

    Digging deeper, the details of the B&W process further define their marketability. The estimate form that details a quotation is a semi-custom spreadsheet, color coded for readability, with comprehensive pertinent information. Interestingly this has nothing to do with the product itself, but customer buying decisions are affected by the entire process. This little piece increases the B&W marketing score, another feature that can be profiled in the next effort!

    Nice job!

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