What is one of the most important aspects of your mail campaign???

By | September 5, 2012


These days print and mail environments are held to strict requirements of HIPPA, PHI, SOX, and PIPEDA and are responsible for reporting back to those agencies. This can be a headache without the right software. Software exists that utilizes indexing to create an effective tracking capability that enables users to tag and associate data elements in any document to identify the mail piece as it moves through production. The result? A direct mailers dream – improved data integrity, automated regulatory compliance, and full-service online presentment. This software can even link to CRM databases.

Inserts propose another challenge to any direct mail campaign. Making sure the appropriate inserts ends up in its corresponding envelope can be tricky. Luckily, “intelligent inserting” is here to save the day. Certain workflow software can generates control files that correspond to document control marks and adds electronic inserts to the incoming document stream. The inserting devices use inserting control marks to guide the physical process, transmit machine instructions, and support detailed reporting.

So what is the take-away message? In applications where potentially every document is unique and can contain confidential information, relying on manual inspection is simply not enough. Workflow software can assure the quality and document integrity for mission-critical applications while streamlining operations. Point being that workflow software can make your job easier while reducing errors in your direct mail campaign and increasing overall success.

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2 thoughts on “What is one of the most important aspects of your mail campaign???

  1. Bill Riley

    Hi Nicole,
    Great, powerful message in such a few sentences!
    If you put it on paper with personal data and into an envelope, then integrity, tracking and compliance are paramount.
    Using open software systems to tie it together automatically saves errors, spoilage and stress. It works, and today there are hardware independent systems out here to help print/mailers – workflow software is the glue that holds it all together. And, open data systems that easily share production data simply makes a good thing better!

  2. Nicole Schappert Post author

    Thanks Bill. You are absolutely right. Choosing the right software is paramount to any successful print/direct mail campaign and can go a long ways in alleviating potential snags in the campaign. Thanks for keeping up with the blog!

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