A Note on Customer Retention

By | October 3, 2012

So many organizations today concentrate efforts on attracting new customers. While this is necessary for any business, organizations must be careful not to overlook the “low-hanging fruit.” That is – the organization’s current customers. Research shows that current customers are highlight valuable because they tend to buy more, buy more often, are less expensive to serve, have higher retention rates, and are more profitable than newly acquired customers. The average business loses about 20% of its customers annually simply by failing to nurture customer relationships.

This can’t be! Especially when it’s relatively easy to keep current customers. First, keep your customers happy by delivering on what you promise. As a print provider, if you continue to deliver high quality printed materials and marketing communications, on-time, that meet your customer’s needs… then there is a high likelihood that they will frequent your business again in the future. According to InfoTrends, some print providers are relying on streamlined digital workflow to meet the demand for faster turnaround, shorter runs, and variable data. They are also implementing web-to-print solutions that offer the benefits of online ordering systems. The key here is that not only are print providers exceeding customer’s expectations by delivering superior quality printing, but they are making it easy for their customers to continue using their services. What more could a customer ask for?

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