Christmas 2012: The Year of Mobile Shopping (So What?)

By | November 2, 2012

According to today’s report from Marketing Daily, this holiday season is being dubbed “the year of mobile.” Citing research from Burst Media, it reported that more consumers are shopping via mobile than ever. Of those who do, a higher percentage end up making a purchase online.

The survey of 1,200 adults conducted in October found that nearly one-third (30%) of consumers will use a smartphone to go online for holiday shopping. Among shoppers 18-34, the percentage is even higher (40%) and is greater than those who will use desktop computers for their holiday shopping (31%).

How are shoppers using their mobile phones?

  • As digital showrooms — looking up products, reviews, and doing comparison shopping
  • Searching for locations to purchase products they are interested in
  • Looking for last-minute deals

What does this mean for you?  This entire data set is very interesting and the Marketing Daily article is worth reading. So the first thing it means is that you might want to read the article.

Second, it tells me is that smart PSPs will be increasingly working mobile into their customers’ retail packaging and displays. Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with mobile shopping and are shopping. If your clients don’t help them shop for products they way they want to shop (mobile), then consumers will do so on their own . . . or perhaps gravitate to a competitors’ product that does.

If you’re not doing it already, it’s time to start encouraging your customers to work mobile into packaging, shelf talkers, POPs, and other retail displays. Add QR Codes. Short codes.  Offer mobile coupons online or via 2d barcodes or SMS. Think “mobile” not just in direct mail and marketing collateral, but for the retail environment, too, and all that entails.

Helping your customers tap into world of mobile shopping is not just a way to add value to your customer relationships. It’s also an excuse to have them re-do and re-print their packaging and retail displays.

To quote Steven Covey, “win-win!”

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