Are You Losing The Mobile Marketing Battle?

By | November 6, 2012

The mobile marketing world can be full of obstacles and pitfalls. Some marketers may ignore it in an effort to deny its importance. Others may just not want to deal with the work involved with gearing things toward mobile devices. And many marketers dabbles in it, getting their feet barely wet and stepping slowly, as if trying to avoid any major screw ups.

But taking any one of these paths can set you back with your audience. Because it ignores the obvious – your audience is using mobile devices. Your competition is using that to their advantage. (And if they’re not, then you can gain some serious ground by beating them to the punch and adopting various mobile marketing methods into your overall marketing strategy.)

Whether or not you have joined the fray, you may very well be losing the mobile marketing battle. Here are some signs that you’re behind the 8-ball and need to step it up:

  • You lack a mobile optimized site or app.
  • You’re not sure what to provide or offer to your mobile audience.
  • You’re not sure how to tap into the mobile marketing world and start integrating mobile marketing into your overall marketing plans.
  • You don’t believe there are any differences in marketing to your mobile audience versus your online audience.
  • You are unable to figure out how to bridge the gap from other marketing efforts, like your print materials, with mobile.
  • You have been dabbling with mobile marketing but your current mobile marketing efforts are lackluster.
  • You aren’t tracking efforts so you don’t know the success or failure of your mobile marketing campaigns.

If you recognize your business with even just one of these above scenarios, you are losing the mobile marketing battle.

Mobile marketing is moving along at lightning speed and while you may think it’s hard to keep up, you still have the ability to create a support team that helps you handle all of these issues with ease.

For example, helps you create mobile friendly sites, QR codes and track it all. You don’t have to go rushing headlong into the battle and try to tackle mobile marketing all on your own. You can work steadily towards a mobile marketing strategy that stays in line with your branding and augments your other marketing efforts, so that you don’t get left behind and lose your chance with that mobile audience.

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