Embrace The Multi-Channel World

By | November 20, 2012

Picture your customer.

You may think this is a simple task. Your customer is who you want to sell to. Surely, you have an idea of what kind of person needs your product or service.

But then, take a step back. How intricate and splintered have our lives become outside of the office? We consume staggering amounts of media in all different forms.

Marketers have always tried to reach their target in multiple ways – but we are beyond the point of “trying” to accomplish this. It simply must be done.

Your customer is busy. The advent of mobile technology has allowed a new frontier to be discovered for marketing professionals. Entering a personal space, such as social media, is also new ground for marketers.

Mobile and social are new, but the unique properties they maintain do not, and should not, exist in a vacuum.

The digital and physical worlds both contain space for marketers to make a splash and be noticed. Merging the two offers a slew of benefits. A QR code placed on a direct mail piece reaches a prospect in a physical space, and then invites them to deepen the relationship in the digital space.

Printers pride themselves on they physical pieces they create. Marketing has long been characterized by physical advertisements – in magazines, newspapers, direct mail, etc. But your prospect doesn’t exist in just one space anymore. Mobile landing pages capture information of your prospects and offer insight of how best to pursue them.

Odds are, your customer is probably using a smartphone. But also, they may still be reading mail or other printed collateral. There is no singular solution. There really never has been one – but in 2012, that notion is nothing short of asinine.


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2 thoughts on “Embrace The Multi-Channel World

  1. Joe Manos

    Great post John and I couldn’t agree more as you know!

    It’s as simple as this – as a printer do you want to be one dimensional and relvant to your custeroms ina single dimension (for services) or would you prefer to be multi-dimensional and meet all of the needs of your customers!

    One approach is in decline and the other is on the increase because as you pointed out and numerous studies support – you need to connect with customers on multi-channel media.

    Having said that, print becomes more powerful when connected with digital online.

    From a marketing perspective you can achieve outcomes that simply aren’t possible from a direct mail or email alone!

    1. John Foley Post author

      Thanks for reading Joe!

      Glad we are on the same page here. Integrated marketing is not just the future – it is the here and now. Nothing exists in a vacuum anymore.

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