Using QR Codes to Download Apps

By | November 13, 2012

According to the most recent comScore MobiLens survey, the number one behavior — beyond texting — for which people used their mobile phones was downloading mobile applications. That makes sense.  Use the phone to download things to do on the phone.

Source: comScore MobiLens June 2012

So how many of your customers are considering the use of QR codes to download apps that promote their business?

Whether or not to develop a mobile app is a whole discussion in and of itself, and that discussion is unrelated to QR codes. But if you are developing mobile apps (or considering doing so), one of the key ways to encourage people to download it is by code.

In fact, in ScanLife’s Mobile Barcode Trend Survey (Q1 2012), the second most popular use of 2d mobile barcodes was downloading applications. Right after watching video.  Unfortunately, ScanLife didn’t provide percentages — just rankings — but it’s interesting that the percentage mirror those from comScore.

When we talk about QR codes, we talk about using them to send people to websites. Yet ScanLife shows the most popular uses as watching video, app download, product details, loyalty program participation, and social media. It’s not about static content. It’s about interactivity . . . and getting something.

Consumers aren’t just using their phones as a pathway to get online. They are using their phones like they’d use some other bodily appendage. That broadens the way marketers can use QR codes. Downloading mobile applications is just one of many that your customers may not yet be taking advantage of.

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