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By | December 31, 2012

As we wrap up 2012, I wanted to know what sparked Digital Nirvana readers’ hot buttons this past year.  Out of nearly 100 posts I’ve created, I wondered which ones sparked the most debate and comment.

Here are the posts that generated 10+ comments. They are worth a look, not necessarily for the post content itself, but for the often illuminating (for various reasons) discussions that ensued. When a post strikes a nerve with readers as these did, it is not unusual for me to learn more from the comments than I did from the original content.

As I look at this list, what strikes me is that, while so many in this industry claim that QR Codes are passe, five of the seven posts that generated 10+ comments were on this very topic.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Sorry, Naysayers: Report Says, “QR Codes Are Here to Stay!” (11 comments)

QR Adoption Is NOT Sloth-Like! (10 comments)

The VDP Statistics You Probably Don’t Know (13 comments)

QR Codes in Every Magazine: Been There, Done That (10 comments)

QR Codes Fail Because They’re Ugly: Seriously? (10 comments)

Critical Visual Differences Between Digital and Offset Print (14 comments)

QR Code® Trademarked? Yep! My Response (14 comments)

Thanks for sharing your time with me in 2012. I look forward to more spirited discussions in 2013!

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