Looking Forward… Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013

By | January 7, 2013

As with the coming of every new year, we all look forward with anticipation of what the new year will bring. For marketing service providers, 2013 seems like it could be an exceptionally exciting year with new advances in technology and the ever growing integration of marketing communications across multiple platforms.

It’s not uncommon to see various blog posts predicting what will be big in 2013. But in my opinion, one of the best compilations of forthcoming trends was blogged by Matt Graham on the SourceLink blog. While I cannot take credit for any of these thoughts, I was so interested by all of the posts that I thought it best to share his insights instead of creating my own (with permission from SourceLink, of course). It is my guess that these trends will resonate especially with print and marketing services providers. These trends will not only challenge marketers, but will provide new opportunities to incorporate some creativity and take advantage of marketing channels, variable data, and emerging technology. So here are the trends, according to Matt Graham, to be on the lookout for and to take advantage of in 2013!

  1. Display becomes addressable – New targeting tools allow for online display targeting that is closer to direct mail.
  2. Direct marketing becomes conversation – Direct marketing is no longer one-way advertising but now must be able to respond to interested consumers and support two-way conversation.
  3. Smartphones and tablets pass PCs – As more and more people begin to own and use tablets and PCs to access online information, websites and mobile content will become optimized for various screen sizes to increase the viewing experience.
  4. Social becomes measurable – This is a big advantage for any Social Media Manager! New tools allow for a better measurement of ROI from social media marketing.
  5. Hyperpersonalization: the use of big data – The options here are overwhelming when you consider the amount of data being collected and the number of channels available for communication.
  6. Digital Mailboxes take root – the digital mailbox replaces email in-boxes while direct marketing and advertising quickly follow suit.
  7. Channel convergence becomes real – Marketing channel crossover continues and increases as users expect to have seamless conversations across multiple platforms.
  8. Digital couponing and payments sway consumer decisions – Direct marketing allows for marketers to target coupons to relevant prospects and stimulate purchase decisions.
  9. Direct mail survives, but not standalone – Direct mail will still be utilized. However, volume and expenditures will continue to decrease as integration of direct mail and online initiatives becomes more prevalent.
  10. Big Data – Big Data is everywhere and the topic of many a white paper in 2012. The trend increases in 2013 as marketers learn how to organize and capitalize from data.

If you clicked through to all of the articles, this is certainly more than enough reading to get you excited for 2013! May the new year bring you success… Happy Marketing!


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2 thoughts on “Looking Forward… Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013

  1. jeff Becker

    I am wondering what a typical invoice from a Marketing Service Provider would look like for each of these 10 Categories? Would it bundled into a campaign cost? Would it be in a subscription recurring charge? For some of these trends, I have a tough time translating the trend into a billable product/service offering.

  2. Nicole Schappert Post author

    I’d have to say it depends ultimately on the services provided, but would lean more towards the end of an invoice taking the form of either a campaign or project cost based on specific goals and outcomes (i.e. launching a new product). One thing to remember is that many of these trends are not standalone and, instead, would be combined for a complete direct mail, mobile and email campaign, by way of example. For instance, a marketing service provider may create and manage one integrated campaign for a client that sends messages across a variety of platforms and allows users to interface with the company using multiple platforms – thereby combining #2, 3, 7, and 9. Maybe there is also a social media component in this campaign – so add #4. Maybe the ultimate goal of the campaign is to move the end customer to purchase, and the MSP creates an option for digital payment, #8. I don’t think an MSP would charge for each individual trend above, but would use all of the trends to create an integrated, successful campaign.

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