How Companies Are Using Social Media

By | February 8, 2013

There is a lot of talk these days about social media marketing, but how are most companies really using social media? It turns out, they are using it for brand building.

In a study conducted by Regan Communications (January 2013), the primary use of social media among marketers surveyed was brand awareness (87%), increasing web traffic (62%), and improving their reputation (61%).

The challenge, of course, is that the results are very hard to measure. How do you know your efforts are working? You may be building your brand and growing web traffic, but how do you know it’s due to social media? Perhaps that’s why a whopping 69% of respondents were dissatisfied or only “somewhat satisfied” with how their company measures social media.

So if you haven’t figured out social media, you’re not alone.

Marketers are simply having a hard time figuring out how to drive sales from social media. A study from PwC,  found that, in 2012, only 12% of consumers bought anything through social media and only marginally more — 18% of consumers active in social media — made a purchase as a result of information they got via their social-media connections.

So if you are attempting to sell social media management services as part of your marketing mix and finding it a tough sell, this is why. There there are marketers producing trackable direct sales, coupon distribution, and other marketing campaigns, but for the most part, companies’ social media goals are amorphous and the results very difficult to quantify.

There is lots of other great data in this report, including the percentage of companies with official social media teams vs. tacking it onto someone’s job description, salaries for social media staffers, and number of people working on social media.

To access the MediaPost report, click here.

Organization Social Media Goals
Goal % of Respondents
Increase brand awareness


Increase web traffic


Improve reputation


Generate leads


Increase sales


Improve customer service




Not sure


Source: Ragan Communications, January 2013


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