Marketers Decline Focus on Traditional Media . . . But Not Direct Mail

By | February 1, 2013

According to a survey conducted by Aquent and the American Marketing Association (AMA), nearly one in three marketers plans to decrease their organization’s focus on newspapers this year and approximately one-quarter plans to decrease focus on consumer magazines (28%), radio (24%), trade magazines (22%), and TV (21%).

While that sounds scary, what’s interesting to me is that this doesn’t seem to include direct mail. Only 9% cited “direct marketing” as an area of declining focus. Why is that?

1. In a digital world, print carries weight.

2. The mailbox is getting emptier, so well-crafted direct mail campaigns have a better chance of being noticed.

2. People like to print — in a world of intangibles, they like to pick up something tangible and look at it.

4. Personalization is making direct mail more relevant.

In a world in which PSPs seem to constantly be bombarded by bad news, it’s nice to get a little pat on the back once in awhile.

Pat, pat, pat.

But if you’re a publication printer, not so much. No wonder high-speed inkjet sales seem to be picking up steam. It’s time to squeeze every last bit of inefficiency out of the process if you haven’t already.


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One thought on “Marketers Decline Focus on Traditional Media . . . But Not Direct Mail

  1. Printing Press

    ROI ratio on well conceived direct mail campaigns is still very good so no wonder marketers have no intention on abandoning it.

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