The New World Of Web-To-Print Solutions

By | February 27, 2013

Traditionally, web-to-print has been all about helping customers retain brand control, get their collateral faster, get better return on investment for marketing campaigns and realize savings on printing budgets. This was done by providing a system that encompassed online ordering, tracking and collaboration of materials. Web to print is still all about those things, but it has evolved with technology and now can be used to bridge the gap across multi-channel campaigns.

Today, a web to print solutions provider can help with:

– direct mail campaigns

– personalized URLs (pURLS)

– QR Codes

– website development

– social media

– cross channel marketing

It’s important to make sure that the data your business has is used to make your messages relevant. Catchy phrases and funny graphics only go so far. You need to make sure your message fits your audience. And along the way, your audience will tell you their preferred method of communication. With multiple touches, your marketing campaign will receive a better response rate. And it all wraps up with a more relevant and personalized way to reach out to your prospects and customers than other, less integrated approaches.

Web to print is able to automate many tasks that are typically repetitive, or done manually or offline. This frees staff up to work on other responsibilities. And it can help the overall budget, by decreasing production and fulfillment costs. In fact, the affordability of web to print solutions allows smaller companies with tight budgets to still get a lot of bang for their marketing bucks and reduce wasteful spending that often happens when campaigns are conducted without the consistency and care that can be found with web to print. Web to print also allows for timely adjustments to campaigns when needed. By tracking response actions and rates, you can make better informed decisions about your strategies.

Another important aspect of web to print is the ability to retain control of branding – with online offerings and print materials. It’s easy for things to become disjointed when they are handled with various solutions.  Instead, with web to print you streamline things so you don’t have too many hands in the cookie jar, watering down your message and overall brand.

In a nutshell, web to print helps you manage not only print collateral from any location at any time, but it can be used to create a fully functional, cost-saving cross channel campaign. The benefits include customizable content, managements of digital assets, consistency in branding, budget savings and higher response rates. And who doesn’t like better ROI on campaigns?

Want a little more info on this new world? Here is a free White Paper on integrated marketing. I call it the Holy Grail. 

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