Two Sides Launches Facebook Page — Take the E-Billing Survey

By | February 19, 2013

Two Sides, a print-friendly perspective providing responses to the greenwashing of the e-media world, is now on Facebook (to visit the page, click here).

You might recognize Two Sides for its Get the Facts (on paper vs. emedia), exploding the myths, and cases studies. On Facebook, it gets more interactive . . . as Facebook tends to be. The page is new, so comments and postings are minimal right now, but especially if you begin to participate, that will come. What I particularly like is that the Facebook connection gives you a constant feed of updates on new content. This is really nice, especially if you’ve been sharing this information with clients.

Currently, Two Sides is running a poll through Survey Monkey that I encourage you to participate in. It is asking about attitudes toward e-billing — yours, your clients, and your friends and neighbors. They don’t even have to be part of the printing industry.

So check out the new community. Share the word by tweeting, liking, and otherwise passing it along. But even more importantly, participate!

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