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By | March 6, 2013

Marketing VoiceDid you know that you have a marketing voice?

Your marketing voice is what makes your business resonate with your prospects and customers. It’s distinctly “you.” (Of course, the “you” here is a business “you.”) It’s all about your tone in all your marketing materials. The style in which your materials are written. From your marketing videos to your social media posts, your company has a personality, a voice that comes through loud and clear (hopefully) to your audience.

It’s easy to get sucked into the latest and greatest. You see an ad, you watch a video, you read a case study. You think, “Wow, that’s so cool. We should do that.” But it’s important for you to stop and evaluate whether that cool new idea would even work with your company and its personality.

Let’s put it in a personal perspective for a minute. What you say. How you say things. What you do. How you do them. These are all things unique to you. And they create your personality, your voice.

Your company has a voice as well. Everything from your first touch with prospects, to your customer service follow-up with long-time clients. Your company voice is all about what you “say” and how you say it. From QR codes to personalized URLs to sales copy and beyond.

To find your company’s marketing voice, you need to analyze the personality of your business. A quirky little company doesn’t want to come across as some stuffy bore. A sleek, cutting edge business doesn’t want to come across as clunky and behind the times.

Your voice needs to match your business personality. So to avoid getting in a rut, or having a marketing meltdown, you need to ask yourself some key questions:

– What comes naturally to our business? What feels “right?” When we write our marketing copy or create our videos, does everything just seem to fall into place?

– How do our prospects and customers see us? (This might call for a short survey…which could also turn into a fun marketing strategy).

– What really resonates with our audience base? What do they relate to?

Have you ever met someone and as soon as they started talking, you were taken aback? Maybe their voice was huskier than you would have thought. Perhaps their mannerisms didn’t match up with how they were dressed or the words that were coming out of their mouth. In any case, you were probably standing there thinking that it was weird. And suddenly, you weren’t paying attention to “what” they were saying, but how they were saying it, or how they were being totally different than what you initially perceived.

This is what can happen to your business. If you don’t have a clear voice, or are acting in a way that really throws your audience for a loop, you’re gonna lose them. You’re going to lose your audience. They will be so put off or weirded out that they are no longer listening to you. They aren’t paying attention to your marketing message. They have already moved on. And your chance to engage with them has passed.

It’s imperative that you find your marketing voice and have that voice ring loud and clear through all your materials – online and off. From sales brochures to social media posts, use your marketing voice to connect and engage with your audience in a way that is distinctly “you.”

Now that you’ve found your marketing voice, its time to find your sales groove. 

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