Multi-Channel Marketing: Timely Texts Boost Conversion

By | March 1, 2013

Looking for a way to convince customers to start blending in text messaging into their multi-channel mix? New data from Leads360 may help.

According to “Text Messaging for Better Sales Conversion,” sales prospects who receive SMS text messages during the sales process convert at a rate 40% higher than those who do not. But success depends on application and timing.

Texting Boosts ConversionIn its study of 3.5 million lead records, Leads360 found that texts sent after contact via telephone improve conversions 112.6% over average conversion levels, while those sent prior to phone contact convert at roughly 4.8% below the average rate. So we’re not talking about using text messaging as a replacement for traditional methods of sales contact, but as a supplement.

How does this help printers who serve phone calling and text messaging clients? After all, they aren’t the ones placing the sales calls.

1) If the client doesn’t already have mobile numbers, they need to be gathered in the first place (a service the MSP can provide).

2) Once those mobile numbers are in the database, they can be used for push messaging (marketing), as well.

Convince ’em on the sales conversion data, then sell ’em on a multi-channel campaign including mobile.

“Text Messaging for Better Sales Conversion” analyzed the text messaging practices of more than 3.5 million prospect interactions. You can download the white paper at no charge here.

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