Print Marketing Less Travelled

By | March 20, 2013

Oddly enough, with the digital tsunami drowning us, print has taken on a fresh personality. What some once derided as “junk” is becoming semi-precious.

That thought prompted me to consider options for less-often-seen print marketing. Here’s my list.

1. Personalized print products used post-purchase to bolster relationships. We’ve got the usual, of course — gifts, coupons, invitations, t-shirts and totes, etc. — but how about an age-appropriate personalized puzzle for the kids or a set of monogrammed note cards.

2. Transpromotional customer service relationship building — for example, mailing a personalized pen with a refund check or a useful informational brochure with the bill from the doctor’s office (10 Healthy Foods) or auto service center (The Truth About Oil Changes)?

3. “Handwritten” notes on embossed stationary that say something personal. Isn’t this the reasoning behind the very effective notes and cards given away in fundraising appeals– that you can’t throw them away? Could this be expanded to “We’re so glad you dined with us on August 31. It was a pleasure to have you.”

4. Certain printed products are more difficult to find than they used to be (for example maps, comic books, small books). Covenant House uses little books very effectively in communicating to select patrons. What “must save” value-added print can you offer to strengthen the bond?

5. “Real” photographs: How often do we see these lately? When personalized to either the individual or the customers’ locality or hobby, who can throw away a photograph? The line here can easily cross from cute to creepy, so generic-personal would be the right balance.

6. If my personal experience is any example, local magazines are experiencing a huge comeback. We see these distributed everywhere: free, colorful, and totally geared to the local market. These magazines are supported by advertising, not subscription. What’s the lesson here for marketers?

7. Personalized 3D-printed products. We’ve done personalized product printing for years with premiums, t-shirts, and self-publishing, but imagine the “thing” possibilities we will soon be able to print and sell! It’s a brain boggle, from gadgets, to jewelry and clothing, to household items, to art, to things we never thought of (yet). Catch some ideas here from the 3d Printing Examples on Pinterest.

What’s in your press?




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