Text Messaging to Gather Email Addresses?

By | March 27, 2013

I recently had a very interesting conversation with James Michelson, president and founder of JFM Concepts, about text messaging in the printing industry. We were talking about multichannel marketing and how text messaging fits in.

Michelson wanted to talk about the use of text messaging in a way we rarely hear it being talked about—to gather email addresses. It went something like this:

  1. Pick a venue (Jumbotron, direct mail, poster).
  2. Offer a great incentive.
  3. Ask people to respond by short code.
  4. As your reply, send a link where they can sign up for the offer.
  5. On the landing page, ask them to provide an email address to receive notification of their prize and opt-in to additional communications from your client.
  6. Include content on the landing page that reflects the value of the content to the respondent so that they want to opt in and continue to receive email communications beyond notification of their prize.

This isn’t going to be the approach you use for all SMS short codes (QR Codes can be used to do the same thing), but it’s one that works in an unusual way — text messaging to gather emails!

Kudos (again) to James Michelson for his willingness to share great ideas with the industry!


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