Will Saturday Mail Stoppage Mean Booming Business for BREs?

By | March 22, 2013

I recently did some research around the industry on the impact of the upcoming Saturday First-Class mail stoppage. In the end, the consensus seems to be that it might be highly inconvenience for awhile, but marketers will figure it out.

One of the biggest concerns is for bill payments since consumers will have one less day for their payments to arrive. But Gene Del Polito, president of Postcom, made an interesting observation. If that’s a concern, why not make paying bills easier? Free online bill pay (that is one of my pet peeves — billers who charge for online payments that save them money and improve their cash flow anyway) or pre-paid BREs if they aren’t offering them already.

If all someone has to do is drop a check in the mail and not worry about finding an envelope, addressing the envelope, and applying a stamp, it’s that much easier (and faster) to make the payment.  The easier it is to respond, the less impact the Saturday First-Class mail stoppage will have.

I thought it was a good point. How about you?

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One thought on “Will Saturday Mail Stoppage Mean Booming Business for BREs?

  1. Dave Fields

    I believe these are valid points. At the February meeting for NACHA’s Council for Electronic Billing and Payment, Eric Lieserson from Fiserv conducted a survey of billing professionals about the potential impact of the coming USPS changes. Here is a link to the results: http://www.fiserv.com/blog/the-point/poll-concerns-regarding-usps-changes.htm

    I also agree with your pet peeve concerning billers who pass along convenience fees or other charges for online bill payment. Our experience is that this practice suppresses electronic bill payment and paperless billing utilization.

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