Some Mail Is Just Funny!

By | May 24, 2013

It’s Friday before the long Memorial Day weekend, so it’s time for some levity. Once again, my husband and his much-targeted facilities budget is to thank for this one.

You don’t see hand-addressed business letters much anymore, so this was something that stood out. But since it was a business letter, not a personal letter (like the hand addressing used in nonprofit solicitations), that wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

Batteries PlusThe company strove for the personal touch with the hand addressing, but the message inside left much to be desired. Home-grown printing in toner-saving mode, the name of the company emblazoned across the top but the marketing copy promoting a different product entirely, pricing of “$1.69 each!” but for what? The sticky note covered most of the clear lightbulb printed on the white background the pricing applied to.

Then there was the question of the personal touch itself. The letter was hand-addressed and the sticky note hand-written, but why wasn’t the recipient’s name included? If the salesman wanted to use the folksy, personal approach, mightn’t he have written, “Stewart, do you still have T12 light bulbs?” But the personalization obviously didn’t go that far.

Nice glossy business cards, though. Two of them inside, in fact. So how does that match up with the in-office toner-saving mode for the flyer?

Sometimes marketing is just a train wreck, and you’ve got to wonder, where was the fail? Was it a company that had been approached by qualified print service providers and rejected their help? Thought they could renegade it on their own? Did this one get missed by the sales forces of the MSPs in the local area? How about the printer that produced those nice, high-gloss business cards? Are they promoting ancillary services to their business card customers? If so, was this company made aware of them?

So many questions when you see something like this. The moral of the story is, there are still lots of marketers out there who need your help! (And not just for the printing!)

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2 thoughts on “Some Mail Is Just Funny!

  1. James Michelson / VDP Web

    Five gets you ten the cards are from Vistaprint. Seriously, this example does show that while franchises may be good at their main job, whether selling batteries or changing oil, the shop owners are not experienced marketers. The execs at corporate need to get involved in local efforts, not just national promos.

  2. Heidi Tolliver-Walker Post author

    I thought the same thing — but you’ve got to at least give them credit that they didn’t get the 100 cards for $9.99 option (or whatever the pricing is now) in exchange for Vistaprint printing its logo on the back!

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