With an Offer Like This, You’d Better Spell the Name Right!

By | June 14, 2013

A client of mine sent me this funny example of personalization gone wrong. It came from his graphic designer, who had received a very personalized offer — her name emblazoned across the front of a variety of pieces of apparel.

Fun apparel JUST FOR YOU!

Featuring the name JAUTELIER!

Order early for Father’s Day!

The card showed a variety of style of outerwear emblazoned with the designer’s name, including one with a very cool graffiti design that read, “It’s a JAUTELIER thing!”


Cool design. Cool idea. Problem is, her last name is Gautelieri.

When personalizing a marketing piece, it’s always important to get the spelling of the recipient right. But in this case . . . that just hurts!

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5 thoughts on “With an Offer Like This, You’d Better Spell the Name Right!

  1. diane toomey

    Quite an important detail, and I notice that the article spells it yet a third way & different from the brochure: Jualtier vs. Jatelier. It’s a difficult name indeed!

  2. Heidi Tolliver-Walker Post author

    I decline to reveal my sources . . . but if one wanted to pass along credit to Great Reach Communications for sending over that particular tidbit of personalization gone awry, that would be perfectly okay, too. Thanks, Patrick!

  3. Al Guerin

    This reminds me of the time I tried to order a Christmas ornament. The website was setup for personalization. However, my wife loved the ornament just the way it was without any personalization. Faced with having to enter a name, because there was no option not to personalizing it, I typed NO NAME in all caps. Well the ornament came with NO NAME printed on it. After a call to customer service, they somehow found a way to send me one minus any name.

    Personalization and automation are great, but there some checks and balances that must difficult to program based on the results you illustrated and my experience as well.

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