I wanted a QR Code and it wasn’t there

By | July 19, 2013

Another lost opportunity. I opened a package of blueberries, and on the label it said, “Have you tried Blueberry Smoothie?”

No, I haven’t, and my husband is a blueberry hound. He’s the one who bought the full pound of blueberries. He would love blueberry smoothies.  But there was no QR Code for me to scan. Not even a URL to follow. The question just left me hanging.

Worse, the label was on the underside of the lid. Why wasn’t the label on the outside of the package, with an accompanying QR Code that said, “Scan to get the recipe”? Not only would it have served our family well, but it might have caught the eye of shoppers in the store who might otherwise have glossed right over a pound of blueberries. “Oh, smoothies? I hadn’t thought of that.” Blueberries, along with the recipe, go into the cart.

Brands are using this approach all the time, and it was a missed opportunity for Dole.

How many products and services are your customers offering that could benefit from a similar approach? On a poster: “Come join us for the River Valley Run 10k! Scan the code to sign up now!” Or on a box of shoes: “Scan here for a list of competitive runs in your area!” Or another customer favorite, “Scan the code to get 10% off your purchase at checkout!”

There are myriad uses for QR Codes on packaging that can grab customers’ attention and create engagement with the product (or brand) or even invite an immediate sale.

Which of your customers’ products could use a QR Code on its label and doesn’t have one?

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