How Is Marketing Automation Helping You?

By | September 13, 2013

When I think about all the things that I’m supposed to be keeping track of in my business, my brain freezes up. Human beings simply cannot keep track of and manage all of the parts and pieces necessary to run a successful business these days. That’s why we have automation. Lack of automation results in paralysis.

Marketing is no different. Telecom Advisory Services LLC found that, by using an integrated marketing automation solution, companies could realize the following benefits:

  • 20% reduction in acquisition and implementation cost
  • 43% reduction in operating costs
  • 39% reduction in maintenance costs [1]

Of course, Telecom Advisory Services offers one of those solutions, but while the data is a bit self-serving, it doesn’t make it any less believable.  Then you throw in all the data about multi-channel marketing, including the requirements of mobile marketing, and agh!

I recently read a case study from Seimens PLM Software in which, by centralizing its marketing content and data resources into a single, centralized marketing automation solution, it reduced its time to localize  and personalize content for marketing campaigns from 100 hours in a decentralized workflow to 10 hours in a centralized one. Plus, one-off marketing communications have now been transitioned to more fluid, real-time communications. We all know what that does to marketing effectiveness!

If you don’t already have an investment in marketing automation software, hopefully you used the venue of Print 13 as a perfect opportunity to do so. If you are using marketing automation software, what software are you using? What are some of the benefits you are seeing? What are some of your experiences?


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3 thoughts on “How Is Marketing Automation Helping You?

  1. Christoph S

    Heidi, the “case study” link in your article appears to be broken.

    Would love to read the study if possible.

    Thanks for the article.

  2. Moe Farsheed

    Thank you for your thought provoking article.

    Independent of the how we market our respective products or services, we have all learned that to maximize our marketing ROI, one needs to market consistently. One Ad or email does not typically maximize results.

    Since we all use multiple channels to get our daily information, we have learned that multi-touch, multi-channel marketing yields better results. However, until recently, due to lack of available software, most of us were unable to connect all of these touches and thus we were unable to optimize our marketing spend.

    With a variety of Marketing Automation software available, companies are scrambling to adopt the many wonderful benefits of automation and intelligence. Lead scoring, nurturing, integrating marketing with our CRM and corporate website are all helping us more effectively communicate with out clients, better understand our sales funnel, better align our sales and marketing and ultimately reduce our client acquisition costs—all benefits of successful implementation of a good Marketing Automation software/strategy. Of course, we use our own product, MindFire Studio.

    But like every new change and transformation, Marketing Automation is not simple. Successful implementation also requires much more than a great product. There are many wonderful lessons to be learned and many blogs that outline these lessons.

    At MindFire, we are doing our part to help companies succeed in applying Marketing Automation to their businesses or offering it as a service to their clients. We have a handful of blog posts that might be of interest for anyone thinking of adopting this new technology. Anyone interested can point their browser to: or contact me at 949.375.4460.

    Happy Marketing,

    Moe Farsheed

  3. Joe Manos

    Great post Heidi and Moe,

    Heidi, there are several other significant benefits to well executed Marketing Automation Programs that we have seen from our customers programs.

    First, a reduction in the overall days to sale. Additionally, a reduction in the overall sales costs per sales engagement because the sales team is now focused ONLY on Sales Ready Leads. This is a critical component of well executed MA programs.

    The overall sales revenue per rep has increased as well.

    Finally, visibility into your future sales opportunities as prospects move through the sales funnel from lead status to sales ready and this provides insight to opportunities a quarter out.

    While this entire area is still new to most marketers the opportunity for significantly improved results is available to all size companies. In fact, studies show that the SMB customer is the fastest growing segment of adoption by 2x.

    It’s a very exciting time for marketers and service providers that seize this opportunity and start to adopt the solution as a critical component of their marketing strategy and programs.

    It’s a great time to be a marketer!

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