Marketing on Facebook: Tips and Tricks

By | September 3, 2013

Creating a Facebook page is easy. Bringing fans to the page isn’t quite so easy. New marketers to the social arena often find that their page has few likes and little engagement. They’re not quite sure what to do to change this, but by following some solids tips you can get your own page off the ground.

Because, Reasons.

People like pages for a variety of reasons. You must offer a reason for people to like yours. Do you offer advice on a certain topic? Have something new and fun to say? One major way to gather new fans is to run some sort of contest or giveaway. This is popular and can reach thousands of people in a short time. The most common method to utilize a contest or giveaway is to offer to give something away when a certain number of fans has been reached. Want to reach 500 ‘likes’? Offer to giveaway one of your products or even a related product when you reach that goal.

Fans will share with their friends who will like your page and share with their friends as well. This is so successful that even big, well known companies use this strategy to grow their Facebook fanbase.

Showcase Your Fans

Want to really kick things into high gear? Showcase your fans. Post a picture of your newest fan, longest held fan, or fan with the most interaction. Gain their permission and do an update on a specific day per month with these fans. One fan a month is sufficient and will have many people clamoring to get your attention. Everyone likes having their day in the sun!

For even more interaction ask fans to post pictures of themselves (in good taste) wearing or using your products. Host contests for these pictures if possible. You’ll see a surge in your likes.

Keep It Timely and Relevant

People tend to forget about pages that aren’t updated often. If you don’t post updates on your page at least once a day, you’re likely to be buried. Sometimes you’ll end up ‘unliked’ during a fit of purging that many social media users go through. They clean out unused apps, pages, and even friends. To avoid this make sure that you’re visible. While you can’t control who hides your feed, you can use Sponsored Stories from Facebook to have your posts displayed.

Relevant information is just as important as timely posts. If you are in the business of baking it will be strange for you to give plumbing advice. Unless we’re talking about getting a cake out of the toilet, in which case you might be better off out of the baking business. Funny stories are usually well liked when they pertain to the topic or business of your page. Humor oils social media. Pepper your information with jokes or fun pictures when relevant. If your jokes fall flat don’t forget that kittens are always a great safety net. A cute kitten will draw more likes and shares than you think. Silliness aside, people seem to expect fun memes from even the most professional of companies.

Do you have any other tips or tricks to share? Let us know what has worked for you!

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