5 Reasons to Focus on Program Selling, Not One-Off Personalization

By | October 16, 2013

I love to hear about successful 1:1 print marketing campaigns. But you know what I love to hear about even more? Recurring 1:1 programs in which the PSP is able to help the client see the bigger picture and how personalization fits into it. Here are 5 reasons PSPs should be focusing on recurring programs (including lead nurturing programs) rather than one-offs:

1. The sales cycle for 1:1 campaigns tends to be much longer than for static programs.

You want to be spending your time developing and producing live marketing campaigns, not selling them.

2. Recurring programs amortize development time and cost.

Upfront time and financial investment for 1:1 campaigns can be significant. Both you and your clients will benefit from amortizing that investment over multiple campaigns or as part of a larger lead-nurturing program.

3. Recurring programs are more likely to get better results over time.

Programs tend to be more effective (translating “earn more money”) after they have been tested and refined over time than they do right out of the gate when you are basically guessing at what is most likely to work.

4. You don’t have to continually re-prove program value.

Even if a campaign is successful, you are essentially starting from scratch for each successive 1:1 program in the one-off world. In a lead nurturing or broader program, by definition, the value is in the rollout over time.

5. You are more likely to retain the account.

When I ask the question, “Why wasn’t this campaign repeated?” the number one reason I hear isn’t that the campaign wasn’t successful. It is because there is generally a champion of 1:1 printing within a given organization, and if that person leaves, the commitment to 1:1 print marketing goes with them. Once a program is in place, especially if it’s sold on an annual contract basis, you have the opportunity to retain the account long enough for the new contact to understand its value.

One-off isn’t the way to go for data-driven campaigns. Success with 1:1 is really driven by taking a longer-term view.

Do you have any points to add to this list?

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One thought on “5 Reasons to Focus on Program Selling, Not One-Off Personalization

  1. Kate Dunn

    I completely agree with you. A key element for cross channel or one to one campaigns is continuous improvement which you are able to deliver over time by reacting to what your response and interactivity data is telling you, as well as, the information on who isn’t doing what you want.

    If you think about the increases in response and conversion a cross channel strategy can deliver, it’s all about getting smarter as you execute the strategy. Many times the customer is not completely right at the onset of the strategy in terms of their focus markets, key messaging, offers and calls to action. If you sold a program you can continue to modify as you go along which ultimately delivers high returns.
    As a one off project, the customer may not have the patience to keep buying until they realize the high returns.

    Selling cross channel programs can have a longer sales cycle but in the end it eliminates decision points later on that lead to unfulfilled strategies and stagnant returns.

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