Marketing Your Digital Print Business with Inbound Marketing

By | October 8, 2013

We’re hearing a lot about inbound marketing lately — instead of reaching out and pulling people in, you create an environment that allows people doing online searches for products and services like yours to find you.

You may not have paid much attention to inbound marketing because it’s not a service you feel ready to offer your clients, but you should be paying attention because it’s something you should be using to promote your own business. (Then, once you’re in a groove and really “get it,” you can then start offering it as a service, too.)

HubSpot recently created a great, free e-book on the ABCs of Inbound Marketing. It lists the components of inbound marketing in the form of an ABCs list.  There are 26 of them, each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet.

A = A/B Testing

B = Blogging

C = Conversion path

D = Dynamic content

E = Email marketing

And so on. (You get the idea.) It’s a great, concise checklist for the components of a well-rounded inbound marketing strategy. In marketing your business, it’s worth a look. Especially since it’s free.

Can anyone guess what “Y” is? (Without downloading the e-book first!) It might be fun to see what ideas you come up with. Take a guess.

Download HubSpot’s e-book here.

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7 thoughts on “Marketing Your Digital Print Business with Inbound Marketing

  1. Patrick Whelan

    Inbound is important but in most cases, still not as critical as outbound and creating brand awareness. The issue for most printers with both of these challenges still boils down to creating valuable, engaging content on a consistent basis.

  2. Lisa

    I’d like to know if there’s a study on which type of marketing results in the most leads–inbound or outbound. Anybody???

  3. Heidi Tolliver-Walker Post author

    I would imagine that it depends very much on market vertical and customer segment. Certain demographics are going to be more proactive about searching out products and services online, while others will respond to more traditional methods. It also depends on the product / service being marketed. Any studies, I would think, would be very market/vertical-dependent. Or company-specific.

  4. Patrick Whelan

    I concur with Heidi regarding her comments on which produces more leads. But I don’t think it should be approached as an either / or situation. Done correctly, they work great together. You should be using outbound to push out your inbound content and you should be using outbound to gain mind share and influence peoples qualifying search criteria. In most cases the searches will not be 100% organic so being one of the 3-5 brands a person recalls is important.

  5. Heidi Tolliver-Walker Post author

    Inbound marketing is the reason that the primary marketing need I see for PSPs right now is content. I am doing more and more content generation for individual printers now than in the past 20 years. There is a huge — dare I say “insatiable — need for content because it not only establishes credibility but it gets picked up through SEO as fuel for those inbound marketing efforts.

    For those looking for content for inbound marketing, I sell brandable white papers on digital printing, 1:1 printing, PURLs, QR Codes, W2P, ROI/Metrics, and greening print marketing. I also write the content for Great Reach Communications’ 1:1 Messenger, 1:1 Bulletin, and other brandable marketing programs for printers, and these materials can be used both for outbound (print and email newsletters) and inbound marketing (blogs, Web copy) efforts.

    Content is THE issue for PSPs and MSPs right now . . . and inbound marketing is one of the primary reasons.

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